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January 14, 2014:
855 number becoming increasingly popular as an alternative to 800 numbers and 877 numbers for toll free calling.


Telemarketing Fraud:

Many telemarketers use fake phone numbers and in-country area codes to scam people into believing they are getting called by people they know.

Want to get a toll-free phone number with the 855 area code?

800 numbers are hard to get, 877 numbers are running out, the 855 area code is the new toll-free alternative

855 Area CodeFinding a toll-free number used to be easy, but the overall decrease in phone service costs have led a lot of businesses to offer toll-free service in order to increase sales or as a measure of good will. Initially, 1-800 numbers were the solution for toll free calling, but then 877 numbers were introduced. Now, 855 numbers are being used for phone calling no fees to the caller. Furthermore, vanity numbers which may not be available in the 1-800 and 1-877 range can be purchased in the 1-855 area code.

Why use toll free phone numbers? Since the 1980s, customers have come to expect toll-free service when communicating with companies for customer service and purchasing issues. Companies also found that their return rates were lower when customer support with toll-free service was included, and returns can represent a significant negative impact on profitability, so toll-free customer support lines have become the norm for large and small companies alike. Getting a toll free number is in fact very easy, and the phone number can be forwarded to any other line (including a cell phone) so even a microbusiness can look like a larger enterprise while offering free support to clients and sales prospects. Finally, any company that is taking incoming sales calls should have 800, 877, or 855 area code numbers in place in order to make more sales.

Surveys have found that many traditional brick-and-mortar companies doing business-to-business work will not deal with a company that charges for a call, even though the cost of long distance has become almost nominal over the past 20 years. This is because there are some very traditional business owners who monitor even the smallest expenses, and will not cast a toll call in a positive light, even if it is for basic information that takes a few minutes to gather. Another side of using old 800 number is that you don't know what kind of phone service may have used the numbers in the past, and some very questionable organizations may have put ads in places that still get read, and still generate bad phone calls. There are also people who buy up giant batches of old 800 numbers in order to reroute the traffic to solicitation and other purposes, which means that it is impossible to get many 800 numbers since they are owned by brokers who are not interested in selling them. Therefore, buying an 855 phone number may be your only option.

Notes and Special Information

Special note: Phone toll charges are paid by you, so make sure that you are getting the lowest possible rate, and use phone tracking software to understand how long your customer service people are on the phone, and whether your calls are leading toward sales.